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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer on the road

Americans are well known for their traditional road trips. But the ever rising gas prices force many drivers to consider various options of optimizing their gas mileage and get the most out of the least. Here are some useful tips that will help you to get the most out of your summer driving marathons and stay on top of it.

Fluid level check is a must

Your cooling system should be checked, cleaned and re-filled if necessary before you hit the road. Other fluids like engine oil, brake and transmission fluids, power steering and so on also require a careful check. Having problems with them while driving in the summer heat is not the best way of enjoying a good road trip.

Check for leaks

See if your car has any leaks before going to a trip. Finding out that there are any while you're good into your vacation is definitely the least pleasant thing you might expect. Remember that even the smallest leak in your gas tank will lead to a substantial leak in your wallet. And who wants to spill out money like that?

Keep the speed limit in sight

Driving below 60 mph is not only a good safety measure of avoiding traffic accidents but actually helps get the best gas mileage, as it usually increases substantially when this speed limit is exceeded. Make sure to check state speed limits by visiting the National Motorists Association's site.

Rush hour is your enemy

Try driving during non-peak hours as much as possible. Rush hours decrease your gas mileage substantially and also contribute to wear and tear of your auto.

Buy a GPS system or a road map

It's very easy to make a mistake or make a wrong turn, especially when driving in an unfamiliar area. Having an atlas or a GPS system in your will save you a lot of nerves and time.

Update your auto insurance

The longer is your trip the higher is the risk of running into an accident and having good and cheap auto insurance coverage in such situation is a must. Check your auto insurance before leaving home and make sure it's adequate to your insurance needs. Different states have different minimum coverage amounts so be aware of that when reading trough your policy before the trip.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Car insurance and operating in Mexico data for visitors

If you plan to go to Mexico it is significant to have insurance coverage for your travel, as Mexico doesn't accept foreign vehicle insurance in the event of an accident.

While you often see insurance proffered in frontier towns, the coverage you possess is very important and has to be surveyed thoroughly, in the case of an accident, what the insurance covers is just as significant as the fact that you possess it.

While buying Mexican insurance is pretty simple and may be proceeded online, it is significant to check the validity of the firm before practically purchasing the insurance.

While finishing research, you have to make sure the provider is properly certified in addition to how their client service center works in event of an accident.

One extremely significant thing to take into account when buying a Mexican car insurance coverage is the ability of the company to return the claim.

It is not unusual for a broker to be the policy provider. Nevertheless, the practical claim is returned by the Mexican insurance provider guaranteeing it.

Also, all coverages have to involve the provision of a claim regulator or lawyer as part of the insurance. With Mexico being under Napoleonic law, it is pretty possible that you might be considered at fault until proven innocent in the event of an accident, so it would be wise and sound to have anyone familiar with Mexican law at your side in the case such situation arises.

When surveying the alternatives obtainable for cheap auto insurance in Mexico, you will find some insurance very similar to those you keep on your existing vehicle coverage. On the other part, Mexican policy also proffers coverage not generally an alternative, or considered, in your usual insurance.

In the event of an accident, while Mexican amenability coverage can involve Civil Liability Insurance (maintains you in the case of physical or property injury), Guaranteed Bond and Legal Assistance (supplement of assistance necessary to deal with Authorities), Travel Assistance (involves medicinal help vehicle towage and basic data), Medical Expense for Occupants (medicinal expenses for the driver and passengers, normally involving uninsured or underinsured drivers), Property Damage to your Vehicle, Waiver of Deductible (impact), Vandalism and Increased Cost of Repair (covers a greater work rate per hour), Total and Partial Theft. While the above-mentioned are thought of as "standard" alternatives, coverage changes from company to company, and not all are an alternative when choosing cheap auto insurance.

Supplementary things to be taken into account when an accident befalls while driving in Mexico is the probability that you might be held financially liable for any injury and medicinal expenditures plus financial assistance till recovery.

While thinking of insurance or its lack, it is significant to comprehend that accidents in Mexico are much different than what the standard American individual is used to. Most American states afford moving cars off the main path in the event of a small accident.

In Mexico, this isn't allowed. Autos have to remain in place till the police arrive to define if damage has befallen and who might be guilty. This may as well involve confiscating your carrier for further delimitation. Thus the significance of getting a policy that supplies a regulator or lawyer as part of the package.

Before your Mexican driving travel starts, auto insurance has to be at the top of your do-list in things to purchase for both financial peace and peace of mind.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

What’s an HSA and how does it help?

The magic letters stand for a Health Savings Account and this represents a different way of solving the health plan problem. In effect, the HSA is self-insurance with tax advantages, allowing you to pay immediate medical bills, save for the future and provide protection for when you retire. You start off with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). Because of the high deductible, the premiums are usually significantly less than for a more conventional policy. The idea is you pay the money saved into the HSA. Why should you do this? Well, the supposed advantages are that you control the account. You decide how the money is to be spent. If you have a standard plan, you're always waiting for the insurer to rule on whether to pay out on your claim. With an HSA, you no longer have to wait, you can authorize immediate payment. You also control how the money is invested. With a standard policy, you rely on the insurer to invest everyone's premiums to make them grow.

An HSA is not a product you buy. It's a savings account run by individuals (not couples). All you need to be able to open an account is cover from an HDHP meeting the current rules. The plan does not have to be in your name so long as you have cover, say, as a spouse. Note you can have other policies to pay some of your health costs for disability, long-term care and specific diseases. But you are ineligible if you have already signed up to Medicare or, as a member of the armed forces, you have Tricare. It's up to you to check what you are allowed to have. Your employer can set up a savings plan (although you cannot have both an HSA and a general HRA at the same time) or you can go to a bank, credit union, insurance company or one of the other bodies able to act as a trustee or custodian. A minimum deposit is usually required. You don't have to be employed to run an HSA although, if you don't file for Federal taxes, you cannot get the tax relief.

Put simply, this is a reasonable flexible and tax-efficient way of providing health insurance for yourself. But it has one key advantage. Although you cannot borrow against the money saved, you can make a one-time transfer from an IRA into an HSA, and the money from the account passes like a cash inheritance when you die. So unlike the usual health insurance premiums which are "lost", savings remain savings. The big question everyone who is eligible must ask is whether they want to self-insure. Obviously, if the savings are inadequate, the HDHP will potentially pay out. That policy is safety net but the coverage is limited. So you have to judge which works better for your family's circumstances. If you feel confident that there will always be enough available to pay for treatment during your life, this is tax free savings with you in control of the investment. But if you don't want to take the risk, a comprehensive health plan for the family may give you better peace of mind.

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Pros and Cons of short-term loans for small enterprises

Simply put, the cash loan a small business can take is given out against the income the enterprise will receive the next moth after getting the advance. Today, getting such an advance is quite easy, taking into regard the growing number of established financial agents that are setting up their websites where you can get such service in a couple of minutes, literally. This is why you have to know the pros and cons of such lending services if you're running a small business - the competition gets tougher and the market is growing.

It is quite easy to apply for a small business loan via fax or email. In this way the application process becomes very fast and comfortable, as you don't have to visit the bank or office in person. But the main point here is to apply for such an advice only if you're sure you really need it and can actually repay it on the due date. If you question you financial abilities when taking out a loan it is better to find other sources of financing that would be less comfortable on the application level, but would provide lower interest rates.

Pros of cash loans for small business:

  • Within only a single day you can get up to $1,500 on your banking account or in cash.

  • Even having a bad credit rating or a complicated financial situation doesn't restrict you from getting a loan.

  • The only information needed during application is your personal data and employment. No business documentation is required.

  • This type of loans can be used in any situation and it's only up to you to decide where to use these funds. No one will ask you for the purpose of this advance.

  • The paperwork that is required during the application process is very simple and only involves your personal details, information about your employment and your banking account.

  • You receive the money on your banking account in just 24 hours after application.

Cons of cash loans for small business:

  • What a small business will surely be irritated of is that payday loans are available only in small cash amount and you won't be able to take out more than $500 to $1,500 per application.

  • Failure to reimburse the loan within the set period of time will reflect negatively on your credit score.

  • The interest rates are amongst the highest in all loan services. It is recommended that you analyze your financial situation or consult with a loan expert before applying for a cash advance.

  • Usually you get only two weeks to repay the loan amount together with the high interest rate.

  • Extending the deadline for your cash advance is not such a good idea because you will end up paying much more than you have initially planned.

  • Payday loans are not a good choice if you need a considerable amount of money over a longer period of time.

  • You can sometimes face double or triple charges if you allow the lender to deduct the rates and paybacks directly from your salary account.

  • Sometimes the interest rates are so high that you can face a situation when your whole next paycheck will be spent on servicing the cash advance.

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Several tips for efficient small business credit card superintendence

With the increasing abundance of credit cards for small business and ever changing costs of money, now is the time to examine the six tips for efficient small business credit card superintendence.

We've got into a new age of small business credit. New abilities apply, but credit backlog still has to be neared cautiously. Over two thirds of small businesses employ a credit card for expenditures with only 40% employing a credit card solely, as mentioned by a Tower Group presentation. Do you have to use a small business credit card instead of a personal card?

Well, yes. With reasonable employment and superintendence, your business credit card might supply many advantages, involving:

Benefits of credit cards for small business

Simple listing

Pursuing your business expenses at the end of the year might be a horror for owners of small business. Lots of credit card companies will supply you with a year end bulletin digest with your bargains listed and classified. Arrange your accountability process with a credit card for small business.

Construct business credit

A credit card for small business supplies a recently ascertained business the ability to construct business credit. This will be helpful in the future as your business increases and you face the necessity of fund in the form of loans or credit lines. A credit card for small business is like fiscal instruments' majority - answerable credit employment might assist your business - abuse of your business credit is making you individually responsible in most cases and has the opportunity to demolish your business and hopes. Employ these tips on usage of credit card for small business in order to efficiently control your loan.

Six tips for efficient management of credit card for small business

Request at home

Always take into account applying for your credit card at your present financial establishment. Your banking interrelation might help with the process of approval. When you need a loan you will have an interrelation ascertained with your creditor assisting with loan applications over $100,000 not employing computer-aided scoring systems.

Restrict card switching

Undersigning for multiple credit cards to take advantage of transactions might negatively affect your credit rating, or credit score, and make your card management more difficult.

Use privileges

Most credit cards for small business proffer a 21-day period of grace before you have to make paying on your buying. Better your cash drive using a credit card in exchange for checks since the recent Check 21 act makes faster clearing of checks.

Pay via Internet

You should save time and additional expenditures by making credit card payments on the Internet against payments by cashier at your topical bank or mail piece in your paying.

Forget about cash loans

You can lower credit card fees and interest expenditures by not employing the cash loan feature on your credit card. Payday loans undergo more costs and fees. Exploit your business account debit when you need instant money.

Elude late paying

Late fees and high cost of money quickly destruct the properties of utilizing your credit card for small business. Be answerable by paying back your business credit every other month.

Appeal to your business credit card possession as a benefit and you will elude the pernicious influence of credit card poor management. Apply the same stage of amenability as the rest of business and you will delight many more years of advantageous business increase.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Water Powered Car Makes Fuel Go Further and Saves You Money

Water powered car makes fuel go further by making your engine more
efficient at burning the gas or diesel that you put into it. This
means that because your engine becomes much more efficient you save on
your running costs because each gallon, litre, of fuel that you fill
up with will take you a lot further.

That is good news especially if you don't have the extra money that it
takes to buy a brand new hybrid car, which although are extremely fuel
efficient repairs to such vehicles are not. They tend to be much more

A water powered car also has a couple of other advantages and one of
this is that this technology uses a conversion kit that can be put in
or taken out but that won't in any way change the normal workings of
an engine. This of course means that the engines are as simple to
repair as they currently are so the prices of repairs shouldn't
change. Keeping in mind that using a water conversion kit actually
prolongs the life of your engine you are in fact then able to save on
both the running costs and the repair costs.

As the car is running the water that you use to power it breaks down
fossil fuel molecules making sure that nearly 100% of the fuel is
burnt in the engine and is used to power the vehicle itself rather
than 75% being emitted as exhaust fumes. Your added bonus with a water
powered car is that the water that is used to break down fuel also
acts as a steam cleaner for your engine. This means that your engine
is constantly being cleaned, kept in good working order and is less

For more information on converting your car into a water hybrid visit
my HubPage today.

Karen is a health professional visit her site today to find out what
information you need to build a water converter kit so that you can
make great energy and monetary savings and do your part to help save
the planet now.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Road Safety Take Care With Your Car

Most roads are in a terrible state with constant road work taking place. It is becoming vital for every driver to become wheel and tyre savvy. An accident can happen in the blink of an eye and it is important for vehicle owners to spend the time and money on tyre maintenance. Ensuring that you have peace of mind while taking a road trip we suggest you take some time to review this list of some of the most common oversights that occur.

OVERSIGHT 1. FORGETTING TO CHECK AIR PRESSURE. Always check your air pressure, especially before a long trip. Make sure your tyres are cool before assessing the air pressure. That is, at least three hours after your vehicle has been stopped or before it has been driven for one km.

OVERSIGHT 2. IGNORING THE PULL-EFFECT. Is your car pulling to the left or the right? Or perhaps your tyres appear to be worn only on one edge? Wheel alignment should be checked every 10 000 km's or the moment this pull-effect occurs. Poor wheel alignment is a hazard to your road safety. Keeping your wheels aligned will prevent tyre wear and increase fuel mileage by reducing road friction and improve your vehicle's handling. <div class="fullpost">

OVERSIGHT 3. DISOBEYING THE TREAD RULE. It's important to remember that the minimum tread on a passenger vehicle must be at least 1mm, by law. Your vehicle is unroadworthy if the tread of your passenger vehicles are below the minimum and may not be driven on public roads.

OVERSIGHT 4. SHORT TRIPS ON NEW TYRES. Remember, in order to roughen the tread surface when fitting your new tyres it is highly advisable to run them in by driving at a moderate speed for at least the first 200 - 300 kms. Only then will the tyres reach their full performance potential.

OVERSIGHT 5. NEGLECTING THE NITROGEN OPTION. Did you know that tyres inflated with nitrogen run between 10% and 15% cooler? Therefore tread life is extended, and your tyres also don't lose pressure as quickly as those filled with air. Since Nitrogen is the preferred tyre gas used in motor racing and Military Aircraft tyres, it is certainly a safe tyre gas. If you are already using Nitrogen in your tyres, then keep doing so. If not, you may want to consider this as a preferred option.

OVERSIGHT 6. AVOIDING THE INFLATION RULE. The handling of your vehicle will be affected negatively if your tyres are under-inflated: your fuel consumption will be higher and your tyres wear quicker. Over-inflated tyres will cause premature tyre wear and result in a completely harsh ride. It's best to use the manufacturer's recommended air pressure, which can be located in your owner's manual of your vehicle. If you still have your original wheels & tyres, stick with your original manufacturer's recommendation. If you've changed sizes, then inflate at the recommended air pressure by your wheel & tyre specialists.

OVERSIGHT 7: RUNNING ON RUN-FLAT. Run-flat tyres should not be repaired. The reason for this is that the construction, strength and safety are severely compromised once you drive on a flat run-flat tyre. These tyres are merely beneficial in getting you to a place of safety after damage to the tyre has occurred. Damage is not always visible to the naked eye, so although the tyre looks fine, it in fact could be totally unsafe. If you are still driving with your run-flat tyres after they have already been run flat, you should have them replaced immediately.</div>

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